by Siah

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First Release from Josiah Orsie of Tears of Mars's Solo Album "timeline"


released March 5, 2012

Written, Recorded, and Mix by : Josiah Orsie A.K.A. Siah



all rights reserved


Siah Las Vegas, Nevada

Siah, the singer from the band "Tears of Mars" got into doing solo electronic based stuff projects from being inspired by artists such as "Hunz" "Postal Service" "Dntel" among many more...

Siah will be workin on albums worth of material in the upcoming future... stay tuned for release info
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Track Name: Forever
you opened up your heart
to all the things you feared before
your keeping him alive

you are my star, glowing , bright, an endless charm
growing stronger day... by day...

forever... im with you
forever... i'll hold you
forever... i love you
I DO....

just take my hand,
we'll take the train to neverland
all i need ,is you...

we'll make a spark
bring the light, erase the dark
we'll be a candle to the world...
Track Name: Distance, Space and Time
place, your tiny fingers
apon my heart, to keep it beating...

i'll make, your fading laughter
my song, as long as i'm gone...

you know that when i can't be there
i feel you when i breathe the air
even when were miles apart
you fill the space inside my heart...

keep me in your precious dreams
i'm holding you when your asleep
you know your always on my mind
you are my distance, space and time...

i want you to know
i'll be with you soon
my little lady, little baby
don't cry...

(i love you with all of my heart)
Track Name: Losing my Soul
we can't go on like this
think of the things we've missed
if i let go right now
we'll make it, we'll make it...

i dont think it's too late
to get our heads on straight
we'll go our separate ways
and be ok...

i got this feeling and it aint gonna stop
you took a peice of me and broke it off
i tryed my hardest just to get back to
the place that started, when i first met you...

you swing, i duck, we fight like every day
gotta find a way to make this go away
i gotta stop this gotta take control
cause iv'e been feeling like i'm losing my soul...

it's time to say goodbye
to you and me tonight
if we say otherwise were faking it...

don't cry you'll be alright
the dark will turn to light
it will be over soon
don't fight it, don't fight it...
Track Name: The Only Lonely One
it starts with one
your light, your sun
then she must go
and leave you alone...

and i think there's something you outta know
im sick and tired of being alone
and if i make it past 23
id'e even let you get the best of me

i'll give you something, that dont exist
if you can help me not feel like this
i'll face the devil to keep you safe
and we'll find a beautiful hiding place

i'm here again
your still stuck in my head
the black sky
it's raining, all the time...
Track Name: Insomnia (feat. Melissa Vacek)
awake, it's late
or its early, i should say
how do i sleep?
my weary mind, won't rest...

eyes pinned open
one with fear, fear of what awaits
i want sleep
when will it come?

you paralyze yourself...
Track Name: Pretty
i'm not, going down
the way i always have
your not soo special, but
your soo pretty...

come back around
don't wait with walls up
i'm thinking your shell will crack
but im soo, stupid

your face, the make-up
it runs, like your heart
but your stiil soo pretty...

you don't have to prove yourself to me...
you kidding me?
Track Name: Soft Hands
dive, love
let me dive into your velvet
trust love
like the phases of moon

sunken eyes
oh this world has left me hellbent
spread your grace
i find shelter at your fingertips

I love your, soft hands
wanna hold them while i still can
soft touch
only you can make me love this much...

into the lines of your palm
close it tight
so that i am safe and warm

take control,
in your arms iv'e sold my soul...

in your, soft hands
wanna hold them while i still can
soft touch
only you can make me love this much...

soft hands, soft hands...
Track Name: Have Patience
sometimes you cant get enough
sometimes you wanna give it up
some things they are not your fault
so please dont judge me if i drop the ball
have patience...

all im running on is memories of you
i know that its not healthy to do
i know that im not worthy of you
but all that i see is angels in 2's

how about that kiss?
if we'de only listen
to the things were missin

and how about that kiss?
if the constellations
would align position

its raining, can i come inside?
i'm shaking,am i afraid to try?
with someone new...oh no...
and forget about you?...
have patience...

once apon a better view
you think you put your heart to use
entertaining thoughts of you
its so inviting, and its soo abused
have patience...

theres a stranger here whos holding true
have i found another broken jewel?
drop my gaurd down and let chances bloom or...
push the needle in and bleed me blue?
Track Name: Made of Wood
assumptions dont make that
you don't have to hate that
i just wanna help you live

pretend that you felt bad
you don't have to fake that
it's not what you say
it's what you do that matters

hold on, all is fair in war
let go, love will calm the storm

let go...

well maybe im waiting
for you to complicate things
so i can use up all my tricks

it's not like i like to
play with fire and burn you
i guess that your just made of wood...